It's been a very exciting year for BJJ in SEA and what a way to cap off the year but to announce 2 new BJJ federations in Asia. The links have already been added to the blog but if you haven't checked them out so far, here are the links. BJJFP
***Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Philippines -The BJJFP is headed by Stephen Kamphuis and is recognized by the IBJJF. The federations objective as shown on the site:

'We wish to insure the integrity of the sport and recognition to the participants and supporters of BJJ in the Philippines.'

-Ensure we act as a conduit to the International BJJ Federation for the benefit of the members of the sport

-Implimentation of the sanctioned rules as per IBJJF for competitions and other requirements for BJJ participants

-Hosts recognized local Regional, National and International competitions for the benefit of the sport

-Work with the IBJJF in the implementation of the requirements and rules for the sport of BJJ

-Not to interfere with the running of the schools but to ensure that participants and new members have data base of recognized schools and instructors

-Compile a data base of student grades

-Work with other International recognized BJJ Federations

-Provide an information medium for the sport

***Jiu-Jitsu Federation of China
-The JJFC being the newer of the two is recognized by the JJFJ (Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Japan) which is apart from the IBJJF. The JJFJ is in connection with Rickson Gracie and Axis Jiu-Jitsu in Japan. This past week, three BJJ black-belts were in Shanghai to help inaugurate the new federation and it's academy. Marcos Escobar, Chico Mendes and Leo Vieira.

-The most recent news can be found on Marcos Escobar's blog at http://escobarbjj.blogspot.com/. It looks as though Chico Mendes will be staying in Shanghai as head instructor at the new academy.

-While I am still waiting on more details concerning the founding members of this federation and its incorporation of the existing BJJ academies in China, I think it's fair to note the schools/persons that have set the foundation for BJJ in China. This would include:

Andy Pi
BEIJING BJJ (10+ years)

Chet Quint

Stanley Tam & Ryan Melchiano

Tiago Afonso & Nuno Santos


Warren Wang

Thomas Fan


Anonymous said...

the problem with this federation in the phils. is that it nobody elected kamphuis as the one "heading" the federation. shouldnt there be an election for such an organization? as far as everyone knows, all the other teams in the phils. is not a member of his federation. so how can that be? was there even an election? if there was, who voted him? just his own crew? i think there is much to this matter than what the philippine bjj public knows.

maybe the heads of the other teams in the philippines would care to comment about this.

LUKE said...

Just out of curiosity, who else would be eligible to lead the federation in the Philippines that is equally involved in the BJJ community locally and internationally? I'll admit that I have not met everyone in the PH scene and have only been in touch with Stephen Kamphuis since he is producing the largest BJJ tournaments in PH thus far. I think you have a fair question.

a dc said...

i guess its not a question who is involved or not. as you have said, you dont really know everyone in the bjj scene in the pi. the federation is a big step for the bjj community in pi. but the problem is the fact that no one is really involved in this matter except for kamphuis. there are no representatives with the plenty and various and as capable leaders and groups from other clubs.