Just wanted to thank everyone that's commented on the recent posts about opening a new school and how that may effect your local scene. I'm sure we're all aware of the kind of politics and personal conflicts that can distract everyone from what we're really here to do which is learn and celebrate BJJ. I respect the fact that my circumstances are different than others and therefore my perspective may be different because of it. It's a unique situation I find myself in, here in Bangkok, with BJJ being so new and just under the radar of the general public. But that's going to change and with that change I believe we are working towards something really positive.

Tomorrow marks 1 week since the academy opened with our second open-mat session. Hope to see you guys there. Just got confirmation for our next guest instructor, I'll be making full announcement on that later.

One more thing. I am working on organizing a seminar tour with Mauricio 'Tinguinha' Mariano from Los Angeles, USA and would like to know who's interested in hosting Tinguinha to hold a seminar at their academy. We are still in the early stages of planning so e-mail me at bjjasia@gmail.com if you're interested. This tour will be partially sponsored by BJJ-ASIA & SEABJJ but we could definitely use more support. The idea is to help bring Tinguinha to Bangkok as a base location and from here he can travel and teach at your academy, lessening the expense for you. I'd love to develop a network that helps put on more seminars to clubs/academies/schools that may not always have access to such things. I would extend the same to you out there. If you're looking to produce something similar like this, let's spread the word and see what can happen.

The time frame we're thinking is early April, 2009.


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