I'm still away on holiday, just a few days away from gorging myself on turkey and mash-potatoes. Just got to California yesterday morning and got to train that evening. It's probably been 2 weeks since I last trained with all the work/projects to manage before my leaving Bangkok. Even so, I had a great time despite being tired and a little out of sorts. It's nice to be able to hold your own but I'm even more appreciative of the opportunity to learn and exchange with new guys on all levels. If you're ever in the San Jose area, I highly recommend checking out AKA (American Kick-Boxing Academy) with Dave Camarillo. Very cool vibe and tough/technical training. Hope to make it again at least one more time before I head back to Asia.

I'm still missing the Bangkok Winters cause the weather is the type that you pray for all year round and I've traded that for bitter bitter cold. Well, SF/SJ ain't bad but was in DC for a bit and I could do without the below freezing temprature.

Hope everyone is well and I want to give all my buddies heading to Japan this coming weekend the best of luck. Tear it up and represent SEABJJ.


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