from: Ray Elbe
Last week MMA Phuket hosted two grappling seminars. Brodie Farber, a veteran of both the WEC and the UFC spent two hours going over different takedown setups. He showed a great 4 takedown combination that allows you to transition from one takedown to the next depending on what your opponents counter reactions are. Over 35 grapplers attended the free Seminar. Video of the Brodie Farber seminar will be uploaded onto youtube in the next couple of days.

See more pics from Brodie's seminar: LINK

A couple of days after the Brodie seminar MMA Phuket hosted UFC Champion Contender Jon Fitch and Nate Moore. Fitch is a BJJ Black belt under Dave Camarillo, while MMA fighter Nate Moore is a fellow Purdue University wrestling alumni. Over 60 grapplers showed up for the Fitch Seminar. Fitch spents 90 minutes detailing basic wrestling takedowns that transition into submission opportunities. Highlights of the event included a 30 minute question and answer opportunity with those attending the seminar. No video cameras were allowed for the Jon Fitch seminar, but those wishing to see the techniques taught are encouraged to visit www.mmainstructional.com

See more pics from Jon Fitch/Nate Moore seminar: LINK

10 questions with Jon Fitch

MMA Phuket will be hosting another seminar December 3rd with Brazilian Top Team Black Belt Alexandre Izidro. Izidro is a European ADCC Qualifying champion and an MMA champion for the Cage Warriors promotion. Check out www.mmaphuket.com for more updates regarding this upcoming seminar. This seminar will be free to all participants.

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