Perhaps some of you are already familiar with the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood and it's author, Nicolas Gregoriades, a Roger Gracie black-belt. Another great resource for information regarding jiu-jitsu training, techniques and related topics. If you haven't already, be sure to check it out.

The clip below is a demonstration of a flow-drill that encourages fluid and constant movement. Often times in competition and training, we get locked into positions and begin using strength in order to see the technique through. Drills like this can help develop a more fluid and transitional approach to rolling. This may not be a ground-breaking concept or drill but it's one that I come back to as often as I can with willing training partners and believe the vid to demonstrate it very well. A great way to warm up before your open-mat sessions if you want to avoid jumping-jacks and burpees, haha.

I want to thank Nicolas for allowing me to repost this video and please be sure to check out both his site and academy below. -Luke

Nicolas teaches jiu-jitsu at the Roger Gracie Academy in London and co-authors the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood with Alexis de Bretagne.



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