Having left Bangkok just a couple of days ago, posting has been a little slow but am looking to change that as soon as I can. I am currently in cold cold Virginia (USA) visiting relatives and will later be in the San Francisco/San Jose area after the weekend visiting more relatives for Thanksgiving. For those who aren't familiar with this US holiday, it's where you gorge yourself with food in the company of family and friends while watching American football all day long.

My blood has definitely thinned out since leaving New York for Bangkok so I am having some trouble adjusting to say the least. Even with the cold, it is nice to have a change of environment and as always visit other schools to train when time permits. Not sure where I'll be heading to in VA but will hopefully get some nice pics to share my experiences on the blog.

Body is still adjusting to the time so by 8pm here, I'm basically passed out. It's now midnight and I am wide awake, ugh. Anyways, news is still coming in and I will keep up with things as best I can. Also, the previous post is for the 'best blog of 2008' by the FIGHTWORKS PODCAST. Be sure to check that out.



Anonymous said...

Hey Luke!

I hear you, man. I'm freezing my ass off here in Tokyo. I went a week early to get used to the climate before the comp. Ralph and Carlo will follow next week. Hopefully we can give you some good news after.



LUKE said...

Best of luck man! I wish I could be there to cheer for you guys and cover the event myself. Give my best to both Carlo and Ralph when they get there. Hope to see a lot of updates on Rollapalooza.TV! haha