This past weekend, Mike Fowler and Judo legend John Baylon fought in black/brown judo tournament match. Here's some info on the event along with videos with a hi-light match between Mike Fowler and John Baylon. -Luke

Our 2nd public sighting of the SEABJJ shirt!!! Thanks Carlo for the pic.
November 8 - 9, 2008, College Covered Courts, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

HAJIME! 2008 will have 2 belt divisions for the Men's and Women's: ALL-WHITE and BROWN/BLACK. This will be a promotional tournament (pending approval by the Philippine Judo Federation).

We will be following IJF weight categories and updated competition rules.

Medals will be awarded to all winners in their respective weight categories and divisions. Special awards and cash prizes will be given to the FASTEST IPPON and FASTEST SUBMISSION for each belt division.

John Baylon vs Mike Fowler

John Baylon vs JR

Lemuel Basa vs John Baylon

John Baylon vs Gerard




Radamez said...

You know Dan Simmler ?
he had your shirt on at Naga this weekend.
you guys are already acquainted he said.
how do i get a hold of one of those tshirts ?

luke said...

Yeah, Dan was in Bangkok just a few months back training Muay Thai and took some time to train BJJ. A good friend of mine will be heading to Boston this winter and I'll be sure to give him some shirts. Thanks for yer interest. -Luke

iantaiwan.over-blog.com said...

Hi Guys.

I have just released 2 fights from the DVD I have made from Ming Wu 3.

Justin is in one of those videos.


Alex Esteves said...

hey bro!

Awesome coverage!

Save me a shirt also!!


LUKE said...

Just wanted to add additional thanks to the guys that put me in touch with what's going on out there. Carlo, Ali, Ralph, and Stephen. Thanks- Luke

Anonymous said...


Fantastic to see an Asian do well against a well-known bjj black belt on the ground.

Great to see a bjj player do well against a world-class judoka at stand up.

Ben said...

Nice vids man, thanks a lot!

That Harai Goshi in the 3rd vid was evil!


Radamez said...

oo around what time in the winter ?