***UPDATE:Quick recap from Ofer about his seminar weekend.

seminar in singapore 8-9/11/08
The seminar took place at Fightworks Asia - a great improved gym that has all the martial arts training styles and all martial arts training facilities ( a big mat, a ring, a cage, heavy bags and a power station) !! wawoo

The instructor is a black-belt from manila - Alvin Aguilar and he came with a top MMA fighter from manila - Richard Lasprilla.

The seminar was 50% gi and the rest no gi and focused on basic drills but with advanced thinking in BJJ.

We had a great time and we learned a lot of small critical details and what was the best in the seminar is the comment Alvin gave from watching he fixed everybody's game and basic movements.

Next time I am in manila - I will go to train with Alvin for sure!!

best regards -
Ofer from Bangkok

Our friend Ofer was kind enough to share some pics from his recent trip to Singapore where FIGHTWORKSASIA hosted Gracie Barra black-belt, Alvin Aguilar. -Luke

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Jeff Bridges said...

what's alvin aguilar's competition experience?