First I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, regardless if you celebrate this one or not. Posting hasn't been as consistent as I'd like but when you're away from home, you're not always in control of how things go. So all at once I've posted several updates on events in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. I do have one bit of exciting news that I'd like to share with everyone.Yesterday, while driving between San Francisco and San Jose, I was interviewed over the phone by Caleb at the FIGHTWORKS PODCAST. In an series of interviews he's done these past couple of weeks on BJJ in Asia, he's covered Japan and China. This coming Sunday will be the Southeast Asia edition with me answering questions on the scene. This is the first time I've been interviewed for anything so I hope I didn't mess this one up. To be honest, the scene is considerably large and diverse so some of my answers may not apply to everyone and I did my very best to plug as many of the teams/clubs out there as possible. I apologize in advance if I missed a few details but I'll admit to have been a bit nervous. Because of the limited time, I didn't get to mention or thank everyone that I would have liked but I'm sure you guys know who you are. Without your involvement and interest, BJJ-ASIA wouldn't be what it is.

A big shout-out to my teammates in Bangkok over the years that have helped me improve, my coach and good friend Adam, and to Niti the backbone of jiu-jitsu in Thailand. To all my friends in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Korea, China and Japan, thank you.

And lastly, I want to thank Caleb for the opporunity to share with everyone what's going on in Southeast Asia. I hope this will help spur some interest in guys/gals coming over to train/teach/exchange. I know for most it's a long ways to travel but once you're here you'll have a great time. I'm more than happy to help answer questions to those that are interested in coming to SEA or Thailand specifically with spots to train. I am in touch with just about every club on that's on the blog and can put you in touch with the right people to make your trip the best it can be when it comes to training. Just e-mail me at bjjasia@gmail.com.

The interview will be available to hear this coming Sunday (November 30, 2008) www.fightworkspodcast.com or on itunes.


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