"What have I missed?!" What new technique, sequence, transition, mat-time, funny joke, academy gossip or funny happenstance did I miss by not being there? Can it be healthy to be feeling this type of withdrawal? When I'm at the office I've actually caught myself looking at my watch and thinking, "Yeah, they're just about done with the warm-up, probably finishing things off with 20 burpees and star-jumps." Then a half an hour rolls by and I check again, "Yup, probably got to learn some new detail to that cool sweep we learned last week, sigh." By the time I'm driving home it's all done and there's no hope for me to drop in for just a quick roll.

I'm sure this runs true for a lot of you when I say training becomes a huge part of your life and takes even more of your time. So much so that when you do have to take a break for whatever reason, you forget about what else you could be doing besides training. It would far healthier to say, "Wow, I can do all these others things!" or "Everything has it's time and we have to be balanced." And you may fool yourself into thinking it and saying those words aloud to your love-ones that are enjoying your company but deep down our heads are back at the academy.

A buddy of mine e-mailed me today and filled me in on some of the stuff that went down this past week. His e-mail began with, "Oh man, you missed an awesome class last night." Shooting pangs of jealously rolled through me as my fists boiled with hot-blood. Not really but I was freakin' jealous cause I could use the opportunity to decompress.

I guess it's in these moments that you take yourself out of the routine that you really notice how much jiu-jitsu has effected you. Especially for those who've really caught the bug. And whether it's speaking with a newbie-internet-black-belt or a seasoned veteran, we all have our ups and downs. Today it may be working that's forced me to take a time out but who knows, in the future it could be the coming of a child, old-body healing slowly or whatever. I have faith that I'll get back to training soon enough with a new appreciation for my time there with my friends and teammates.


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I guess there's just nothing else you can think of doing in BKK huh?

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It happens to anyone who has ever been bitten by the bug, and it stays that way. Hang in there bro.