With the new academy so close to being completed I'm confronted with the fact that I will be leaving one family to create another in a new space. While I have no trouble leaving the hour+ traffic rides to EMAC behind me, I will definitely miss the people, atmosphere and training. Of course I will continue to work with the guys on future projects, supporting each others' endeavors and tournaments. I guess what I'm commenting on is the sentimentality I have for the whole experience of training in a given space with a close knit group for a considerable amount of time. Outside of the traffic, there is nothing wrong with where I was training and no drama. Perhaps I've lucked out in moving to a city where BJJ is relatively young in comparison to other cities in Southeast Asia and politics play a very minor role here. It's just too damn small to be messing with politics. Plus, I'm not the only alumni of EMAC to be opening up their own place. My buddy Amps will be opening his own place with this brothers just outside of Bangkok in the Ramkamheang area. It's tentatively called '3 Monkeez' . I'll be sure to post more on their project when it's all ready.

As far as the communities in SEA, I see the Philippines representing the largest body of practitioners with a decent number of purples and now browns. Because of this, the tournaments they host bring in a healthy number of competitors and that's what we're looking to build in Thailand for this next year. The more we can do to promote BJJ, the better we can make SEA a desitination point for competitors and qualified instructors.



Fang said...

Hey Luke,

Who's gonna be the instructor at the new place?


Anonymous said...

It's funny, but a friend in Thailand found the .gif for the brochure/poster (which spells out hours, rates, and instructors) and emailed it to me in the States...but I still don't see it anywhere obvious on Luke's blogs, either this one or his "academy" blog. (I think it should be at least published once here, but have a prominent/permanent spot on the new academy's own blog.)

Glad to see you guys are "seeding" the new academies an economically viable distance from each other, so they don't cannibalize each other's students. There is a vast "commuting" difference between Sukhumvit and Surawong. (I think there are two on Sukhumvit, but far from each other.)

I think it would be supercool if you gave each other "drop in" rights for each other's students, so long as the privilege isn't abused.

Now I guess you guys need a volunteer to open in Koi San (sp?) so the major tourist areas are ALL covered.


Anonymous said...

Khao San Road.

LUKE said...


Yeah, I've got another blog just for the academy. www.bkkbjj.blogspot.com and am working on the actual site now. The schedule will more or less stay the same but it's open to be changed as the we get more students. Since we have yet to open, # of students are zero, haha.

I have an open-door policy for the Saturday open-mat from 11am-1pm. This is open to all the clubs in Bangkok to come join and train together.

As for instructors, I've been working on securing a few individuals but nothing full time just yet. Even so, I am always open to host guest instructors if they already have plans to be in Bangkok.