Team VPF is the newest BJJ team in the Philippines. VPF is the former New Breed Ateneo branch which was headed by Ali Sulit. It was a bold move and decision for the people in the Ateneo branch to break away from New Breed but the decision was motivated by a greater passion and pursuit to reach higher levels of Jiu-jitsu and competition.

VPF is now organized and facilitated by Ali Sulit, Ralph Go and Carlo Peña. Their team has been off to a good start organizing the successful ROLL-A-PALOOZA Novice Grappling Championships (Oct. 12), the Mike Fowler Leg-Lock Seminar (Oct. 24) and the Dominação AbsoLUTA (Oct. 25 & 26).

We knew that going out on our own was gonna be a big challenge, but that's exactly the reason why we're doing it. We live for the challenge. We look for goals to conquer. We want our Jiu-jitsu to have a purpose and to produce results. Being with New Breed all these years has been really good. New Breed is a good team with good people running it. However, we just came to a point where we realized that we wanted to go a different direction. My teammates and I will always keep close ties with our former team. We may carry a different flag now but we'll always be friends. Right now, we're just focusing on the next steps we need to take," said Ali Sulit with regards to going separate ways with New Breed Philippines and starting VPF.

Most recently, Team VPF won the Over-all Championship for both the GI and NO-GI events of the Dominação AbsoLUTA. We're gonna be hearing a LOT more from these guys during the coming months.

TEAM VPF may be contacted thru their temporary multiply site http://vamosparafrente.multiply.com or you can send e-mail to alisulit@yahoo.com


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