Nevertap a new tournament for the New Year.

I've been receiving lots of questions regarding the Nogi tournament making it's journey from the USA to Asia. Nevertap is a new style of tournament that encourages grapplers to finish the match while limiting the strategy of stalling. Competitors start from a standing position and the match's "clock" starts once the first takedown has been successfully completed. Instead of being scored, matches are judged by qualified judges looking at the match from several different perspectives. (link rules http://www.nevertap.asia/rules/) Matches consist of 3 rounds with 3 minute durations. If a submission occurs at any point during the match the match is complete. If at the end of the 3 rounds no player has been submitted then the judges declare a victor. The matches are held inside of a cage or a competition style ring, allowing for a variety of unique strategies including takedowns and positional escapes. Nevertap is a very successful tournament from Southern California and this will be the first time the event has traveled to Asia. Previous competitors include; Nick Diaz, Marc Laimon, Fabio Negao, Bill Cooper, Antonio Mckee, and Jeff Glover, just to name a few. The Nevertap tournament will be held in Phuket Thailand Jan. 17th, 2009 and is open to anyone wishing to compete.

-Ray Elbe (MMA Phuket)

Below are a few videos from Previous Nevertap competitions. The event was held on an open mat (prior to the ring/cage rule change), but under the same rules structure as Nevertap Asia.

UFC TUF winner Mac Danzig Vs. Eric Kelley

Cobra Kai instructor Marc Laimon Vs. Lotus Club Black Belt Fabio Negao

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