Dimitrios in the finals purple-belts, under 90 kilos

Dimitrios in finals purple-belt absolute

Here are some added videos from our local friend Plai, MMA & BJJ enthusiast. You probably saw him buzzing around the tournament with his video camera. If you were you lucky enough to be there for the tournament setup Friday night, you would have have seen him with his darth-vader mask as well, haha. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Anyways, be sure to check out his video site since he's got a nice collection of vids of local tournaments and MMA matches. Most recently from the now defunct (***note: complicated back story) KOF series.

Malik Mawlayi (Legacy Gym) vs Alex Berazovik (Bangkok BJJ)

Ngoo Ditty (MMA Phuket) vs Yoichi Murase (Axis JJ)

Ink vs Amp - ศึกพี่น้องร่วมสำนัก (they are teammates)

Amp vs Seena ในการแข่ง

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