from: Ray Elbe

Every full moon Tiger Muay Thai promotes a camp BBQ featuring amateur MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Grappling fights. These events have become legendary amongst participants and are growing monthly in popularity. Anyone wishing to participate in an amateur MMA fight is encouraged to email MMA Phuket instructor Ray Elbe Magicalray@aol.com.

Jonas Brandustun Vs. Wiktor Svennson in a grappling rematch. Those of you who attended the FBT BJJ-Sub grappling open might remember their first match where Wiktor won a highly contested match against Jonas in the finals of their absolute division. Watch as Jonas pulls of the surprise flying armbar submission 30 seconds into the match!

Irishman Damion Vs. Canadian Tyler

Canadian Jeff Vs. Aussie Jai in what was EASILY fight of the night. Both of these heavyweights came out looking to brawl and impressed the crowd with their best Forrest Griffin/Stephan Bonner impersonations. Congrats to both guys for leaving their souls in the cage.

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