This happened a couple of weekends past but a lots been happening in Taiwan regarding MMA. It's especially excited to note that two buddies from Taiwan BJJ competed in what I believe to be their first MMA event. Big congrats to both James and Justin from Taiwan BJJ on their victories. Got some pics from both Gareth Griffiths and Nicholas Young. Thanks guys. Luke

from: Nicolas Young

Notice the SEABJJ shirt? REPRESENT!!!
from: Gareth GriffithsMingWu, a Taiwan-based MMA organisation, held its third event on Saturday 25, October at the Y17 venue in Taipei, Taiwan.

This was the first time that fights had taken place inside a cage. The fighters showed lots of heart as they put on a fantastic show for an enthusiastic crowd. MingWu's next event will be held in the middle of January. For more
information, visit http://www.mingwu.com.tw/en/profile.htm

Another site to check out with more info on the MingWu events and a 'making of' in the process: http://www.itsavideotv.com/

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I am Ian From " Itsavideotv.com "

We are the team who shot the film for Ming-Wu 3.
Just a word to let you know that we are presently editing the 3 hours video and as soon as we are ready, we will be glad to share it with you.

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