BJJ Black-Belt Mike Fowler Leg lock seminar

October 24, 2008 at the Ateneo Judo Dojo, 2/F Blue Eagle Gym, ADMU.

*Seminar topic - Leg locks.

*Open to all practitioners from all teams.

Seminar starts at 7pm, but seminar attendees are requested to be present at the venue by 630pm if possible.

Cost: $50 only

BJJ Black-Belt Mike Fowler will cover leg lock basics, positioning and grips, set-ups, finishes, combinations, specific sequences, "the ways to break an ankle", counters and re-counters, etc. all in great detail. Limited slots available so please reserve yours as soon as possible. Please e-mail hardstepping@yahoo.com for inquiries and reservations.


Anonymous said...

I have both of Fowler's instructional DVD's - the overpriced one from Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts Academy, and the one Fowler recently put out himself from Guam (much more reasonably priced). The first instructional is a filmed seminar; the second is a more conventional instructional DVD, showing a series of moves directed to the camera and not the seminar attendees.

These two DVDS are among the most "practical" that I, as a beginning blue belt, have. Good solid moves, different enough from what you usually see to give you a little edge. Most of all Fowler explains well - he has a knack for teaching. When I first came to BJJ, I figured there would be "fighters" (competitors) and "instructors" and the skill-sets wouldn't overlap that much. But people like Fowler, Hall, Go, Glover have all proved me wrong - the new breed of American BJJ players are good at BOTH competition and teaching.

In short, suck it up, pay the $50 (which was cheap a month ago but could be painful in the present frightful economy), you won't regret it. If I were in SE Asia, I know I would.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Ivin is famous for leg locks, Ryan Hall has mean heel hooks, so if Fowler is teaching leg locks, I think you (lucky) guys are going to learn some good shit.

Hey Mike Fowler, film it, burn it, sell it, ok?