Makoto Ikuta
will be giving a seminar at
Kowloon Jiu-Jitsu this coming November 2nd. Ikuta-san is coming from Nagoya, Japan representing Trust BJJ. A comp-styled sparring session will follow the seminar with everyone having an opportunity to match up with the black-belt.

If you're not familiar with Ikuta-san, he fought Andre Galvao in the opening round of the black-belt tournament at Copa De Hong Kong this past April. No one has been able to pass Ikuta-san's guard since his blue-belt and the same went for Galvao but leave it to world champion to finish with the choke, hehe.


Anonymous said...

Making a good showing against Galvao is big. He's not "just" a black belt. He's an incredible athlete and competitor. To say Galvao has "sick" jiu jitsu would be an understatement - he makes moves, even moving around on the mat, look deceptively easy. I was fortunate enough to take a seminar from him and got to see his skills close up, although I did not have a chance to roll with him. But from observing him rolling with black belts at the seminar, he's definitely up there in the stratosphere. For Ikuta to hang with him in an actual competition match is amazing, the black belts (instructor level, occasional competitors) I saw rolling with Galvao at the seminar weren't close to Galvao's skill level, and they were no slouches.

LUKE said...

Ikuta-san is a very humble and all around nice guy. You should have seen him ask question after question to Galvao at the seminar following the tournament. Galvao joked back that Ikuta-san would have to book a private and let others ask their questions.

I hope to sneak away this weekend to Hong Kong.