Makoto Aramaki and Kowloon Jiu-Jitsu have decided to part ways since this September with Aramaki-san's participation in the Bangkok tournament. The parting is due to the club's interest in maintaining it's collective ownership and group direction. Both parties remain to be friends and continue to support each others activities. Kowloon JJ will continue to host guest black-belt instructors while Aramaki-san will continue to instruct jiu-jitsu in Hong Kong. If you're interested in training with Aramaki-san, he can be found at Impakt, along with a tentative schedule at the Tai Kok Tsui Sports Centre. Check out the info below.

Place: Tai Kok Tsui sports centre
(1 class):50HKD


14th(Tue) 21:00-23:00 Activity room large

18th(Sat) 18:00-20:00 Activity room small

21th(Tue) 21:00-23:00 Activity room large
25th(Sat) 18:00-20:00 Activity room small
28th(Tue) 21:00-23:00 Activity room large

Tai Kok Tsui sports centre
Address : 5-7/F., Tai Kok Tsui Municipal Services Building, 63 Fuk Tsun Street, Tai Kok Tsui,
Tel : 2393 1084
Makoto Aramaki

picture from: btjiujitsu blog

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