Blogging is going to take a back-seat to some overdue work that needs to get done. Still making the time to train but I have to make some serious efforts to detach myself from the computer. Compared to just a couple weeks prior, things have really slowed down and I have not seen everyone back from their mini holidays.

Construction is a major b*#ch to oversee since there are so many little things to follow up on. Even so, it's a labor of love. Well, not my physical labor but you know what I mean. The new academy is coming together nicely. I only wish sooner than later, haha.



Anonymous said...

Hey Luke,

While you are working on the new gym, please mosey on down to the E Cafe. One of the glass doors used to have a decal on it that was removed, and now all there is, is a clear pane of glass. I saw one groggy BJJ guy almost walk through that glass door, he thought it was open! I mean, the staff is religious about cleaning the glass every morning and so it's invisible. Nowadays glass doors like that always have at least a decal or some printing at eye level so the glass is visible and obvious to the attention-impaired. Throw an FBT decal on there or something before someone gets hurt!

LUKE said...

Thanks for the heads up. I"ll take a look.

Jem said...

Ha ha, I guess I am not the only one to have walked into a door before ;) Well, it should wake u up before a roll ;)

Glad construction is going well Luke - not an easy undertaking!
Maybe SEA BJJ stickers for doors?!