Tony Eduardo vs. Makoto Aramaki

Sarah Bahous(black) vs. Melvynna Tambunan(red)

Josh Fridgen(green) vs Ofer Lidar(blue)

Ngoo Ditty(Thai) vs. Xavier Mahdavian(Canada)
(3rd exhibition MMA match)


Anonymous said...

Xavier here.
Congrats to Ngoo, he deserved it.
But I'm Canadian not American and I had about 5 lbs on Ngoo not 15! lol
Anyways good job Ngoo and we should definately do it again!

LUKE said...

Hey Xavier. Great fight with Ngoo, mad respect for putting yourself out there, besides the hard work in preparing for the fight.

Anonymous said...

Good Fight Xavier. Ngoo weighed in at 64 Kilos. You weighed in at 70. Ngoo agreed to the weight difference...but it is still impressive giving that he is a natural 135lber. Ngoo would love to accept a pro MMA fight against you at one of the Muay Thai stadiums in Phuket. If you are interested Contact Ray Elbe about setting up the Rematch ;)

Anonymous said...

Ngoo deserved the win, but I don't care what he agreed to, the day of the fight, I weighed 68kg and he was >65kg. I will definately be in touch with Ray about a rematch :)