Since I haven't been back to training this past week, I've been going through some 'tournament-withdrawal', fixating on my mistakes and wanting to desperately correct them and compete as soon as possible, haha. This one may be the last for me this season as I'm working on my travel plans this Fall/Winter for the US. I hope to make it to the Philippines but we'll have to wait and see.

I've got some interviews in the works thanks to some friends and probably need to catch up on some other posts like the t-shirts. I did have a stand at the tournament selling the SEABJJ shirts but was so preoccupied with the tournament that I was an idiot and never made an announcement over the PA. Which is especially absent-minded since I had that mic in my hand pretty much the entire day. Oh well, thinking of you guys first, hahaha.

Besides getting head back to work (yes I have a real job), I've also got the construction of a new academy underway. Just bought the matting material yesterday and am happy with the choices made and the money well spent. A lot of gyms having been using the puzzle-mats which are OK but can be a little tough on the body since they're more often used for TKD with little concern over softness or impact control. So this is my setup so far and it's turned out to be half the price of just buying the puzzle-mats or a 3rd of the price compared to judo-mats.

-1/3" plywood base atop the concrete floor
-1" EVA black foam w/ 45-50 hardness
-plastic vinyl cover, heat-bonded to a single piece covering 750 square feet (70 square meters)

The entire space is framed with 2" border of wood where the vinyl is then stretched and sandwhiched between two boards, then secured to the plywood base. I've been posting pics on www.bkkbjj.blogspot.com with the construction progress. The floor installation is due to take place in another week. The new academy is open to all regardless of your school affiliation, things should be up and running by the end of October.


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