from: Ralph Go

Mike Fowler, Stephen Robert & Enson Inoue
Hello everybody,

We will be hosting our good friend Stephen roberto from team Purebred lloyd Irvin, black belt under Mike fowler and Enson Inoue for a BJJ seminar on Saturday, Sept 27, 2008. 5-8pm at the 2nd floor judo room blue eagle gym, ADMU, Katipunan, Quezon City.

The seminar will focus on defending the back mount (turtle guard) and Q&A. Cost will be 1800 pesos or 40 USD for the seminar. Once again all clubs are welcome! Please text 0917-8925754 or email
ralphgo11@yahoo.com to reserve your slot. Thanks!


Caleb said...

I met Stephen out here at Fabio's when he and Mike stopped in. Nice guy!

Carlo said...

I've been to one of Stephen's seminars in the past and it was one of the most organized and well-run I've been to.