from: Ray Elbe

Nevertap comes to Asia January 17th, 2009 will mark the first Nevertap event to be held outside of the United States. This event has featured many of the top North American grappler's including;Jeff Glover, Tyrone Glover, Clebber Luciano, Chris Brennan, Bill Cooper, Antonio McKee, Jay Heron, Joe Stevenson, Scott Bieri, Marcos Avellon, Mac Danzig, Brian Peterson, Ulysses Gomez, Scottie Epstien, and Nick Diaz.

The Nevertap tournament is structured to promote exciting matches and submission attempts. All matches are conducted inside of a ring or MMA cage and are judged rather than scored. Check out the www.nevertap.asia website for more details and to start planning your fitness goal of the New Year.

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