As far as work goes, nothing has changed but with the help of friends and some kinds words from anonymous-commenter's, it's pretty clear I'm not the only one going through this jiu-jitsu-slump. And it helps to know that.

In addition to my coaches advice, I got some words of wisdom from a visiting black-belt, John Frankl. John was in town for just a couple of nights on business and was kind enough to make time to train. He could have easily taken a break to have a few beers and relax after a hard days work but he choose to spent it with us at EMAC. In my frazzled state, I had managed to bring my camera but while sitting in the hour+ traffic to get to training, I realized the memory card was not there. Graeaagghhhhhhh... Even so, I have to be thankful for the blessed technology that comes with the average cell phone. Will upload the pic later, still don't know how to off load my images from the phone... I've been trying to get in touch with the community in Korea but it hasn't been easy. John has promised to update me from time to time as tournaments and other events come up. I think we're very fortunate to have so many skilled guests come through Thailand.

The tournament here in Bangkok is upon us and I am forming a new found appreciation for anyone who has ever organized a tournament. It's freaki'n tough! Hope to see you guys in less than two weeks!


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Anonymous said...

"The tournament here in Bangkok is upon us (...) Hope to see you guys in less than two weeks!"
I still can't believe that I'll be 10 days late coming back to Thailand, missing the tournament - but at least looks like I might make it to the Phillipine tournament in December.