Just a short break from the present discussion on the 'your community' series. Here is Niko Han from Synergy Jiu-Jitsu, sharing with us some nice techniques. -Luke

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I posted 2 new moves up on my Blog (http://nikohansbjj.blogspot.com/)

TekNik23 - Technical "MMA" Stand Up

I've been seeing fighters always use this move to get back up to their feet, it looks very natural. I noticed it's a much quicker way to stand up while still laying flat, unlike the traditional "Gracie" technical stand up technique where you have to sit up and post your hand first before you can get up.

TekNik24 - My "Backdoor" Armbar Escape

This is an escape I always used when I'm caught in that situation, but I never really noticed it until much later .. I don't remember when I started doing it but it works really well for me. Even if you can't escape and go "backdoor", once you've hooked the arm that's being threatened against the back of his knee, it's very difficult for your opponent to pry your arm out .. All you do is just straighten your arm out. I thought I'd share this one with ya'll :-)

Let me know how it goes .. Enjoy :)

Niko Han

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