This one is from Henry Chan who was recently promoted to purple-belt. Hope to see more of these come in to give a larger picture of what the scene was like when it was a small collection of white and blue-belts. Thanks Henry. -Luke

Dear Luke

I cannot give you the full picture cos I was not amongst the first group of people who have started BJJ here. From my best knowledge it was all begun with Henry Ng who trained BJJ when he studied in Australia. Upon returning to hk, he started a interest group among himself. Later on Taki, Thomas...etc all joined in. And Thomas has been the main instructor at the time. I am sure the first generation blue belt in Hong Kong has trained under Thomas,including myself.

I started BJJ simply because a DVD named CHOKE by Rickson. At the time i already have my own gym in Wanchai focus in kickboxing. I have so much eager to understand more about BJJ and i was told by a friend of mine to look for two person,one being Thomas the man. There were many bumps along my way in learning BJJ......

Nonetheless, the first interest group start to build up in numbers resulting in two split groups i.e. the hkbjj in central lead by Thomas and Kowloon BJJ lead by Taki-san. Thomas later on left hkbjj to form Kylin.
Most of the time i was struggling to look for my own BJJ game,eventually i started to look for black belt instructor to teach me. I move my gym to bigger place where i have a room for overseas instructor to stay. I paid for their air ticket and seminar fees to teach my Club. I started with Prof. Marco from GB,learn most of my stuff from Prof. Chet, and now i am training with Daniel from Macau and also Braga, the same Prof. that Paul has mentioned.

All these happened in the past three years. So we started with Henry NG, later on Thomas lead the group . Than Taki formed their own group and later stage my gym. And now we have a full time black belt in Kowloon BJJ, one in JAB (JAB+KYLIN) to form Brazilian Top Team HK. Latest Prof. Braga in Kontact in central. And i almost forgot to mention Impakt Club with a brown belt call Quinton.

That is my brief account brother.


***ADDITION*** (commenting on the 3 questions for 'your community' series')

I think the biggest hurdle that i faced was time and money support. Basically i am running a non-profitable gym and i need to fund the my gym every month out of my own pocket. Not withstanding i have to spend time in the gym to teach. Like now, i am waiting for my 7 00pm class to start even with typoon signal hoisted and my family are expecting for me to be home early tonight! Without their understanding of my passion in BJJ, i doubt if i can survive until today.

Yet i am 100% devoted to spread the Art cos i like it so much over than any other marial art system i had practiced. And BJJ deserve a place equal to karate,judo muaythai,TKO...etc. Right now it is not thecase in hongkong. To spread the Art in hongkong would be the commitment of a few individual whom are really interested in spreading the Art, in due course, such few individuals will grow into a bigger community.

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