It's been a while since we posted any Geeza videos so I thought it due time to ask the man himself to share from his collection. The videos below are hilighted submissions from the Djarum Java Super Submission Championship in Jogjakarta, Indonesia (July 28, 2008). If you're interested in taking at look at the archives, be sure to check out: THE REAL GEEZA

Highlights from the 6 matches Geeza had at Djarum Super Submission Chmapionship.

Mike Hutchinson (no top) vs Vincent 'Wagyu' Mahjid.

Mike 'Breakdance' Atkins (no t-hsirt) vs Budiguddi.

Vincent 'Wagyu' Mahjid vs Hilman 'Jig' White gi.

Vincent 'Wagyu' Mahjid vs Evans 'Assasin' Genisisus (red t shirt).

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