A lot of things are going on in preparation for this coming weekend's tournament here in Bangkok, Thailand. We now have well over 120 competitors registered to compete with all belts represented, from white to black. Remember, registration ends this coming Wednesday so be sure to send in your information because no new entries will be accepted the day of. This is to ensure that we start and finish on time with the brackets organized accordingly.

VOLUNTEERS!!! Even if you're coming from out of town, we'd appreciate the help for time-keepers and score-keepers. Let's say your division finishes earlier in the day, stick around for the afternoon and volunteer. You get a great view of the fights and a small token of appreciation from the BJJAT. I won't say what it is, just make yourself available at the registration desk if you'd like to help.

Continuing on last week's series about 'your community' I thought it appropriate to answer the three questions I had posed and share with you some of my thoughts. Most of my experience comes from what I have observed here in Thailand but from time to time I get to see and hear what's going on out there. I definitely think we're still a very young scene in comparison to other places and we still have some growing pains to experience. I'll be working on that and hopefully will post in the next day or so. I think what's even more important than what I have to say on the subject is, what do you guys think? Your comments don't have to be long or complex, just sincere. So please, e-mail me or comment on this post.

Oh, and two things I'd like to share with you guy:

1. September 27th marks the 1 year anniversary of BJJ-ASIA!!! I can't believe how much has happened in just one year. I started the blog for a number of reasons and didn't expect for it to be so well received. I am really grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many of you and give back to a community of practitioners that have such a great passion for jiu-jitsu. Thanks

2. BKK/BJJ: Construction begins today on a new space that I've been working on. For the past several months, I've been holding open-mat sessions every Saturday morning in an empty beauty salon. Just some basic puzzle-mats with enough room for 2-3 pairs to roll. The turnout has gone from 2 guys to a regular 6-8 which is great! We've gotten plenty of visitors from out of town with some amazing stories to share and of course great training. Once completed, it will open as a new academy/club in Bangkok with a full evening/morning schedule. Saturday open-mat sessions will be kept going as well, open to everyone regardless of your school. It's a non-affiliated school and we're looking forward to having you come train. For now, I just have the blog: www.bkkbjj.blogspot.com

+ I adjusted the blog logo if haven't already noticed and will be making these into gi-patches along with a much larger version of the bjj-asia crest.

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