I still hear concerns over the situation here in Bangkok and I want to be very clear when I say, THERE IS NO DANGER. Since I live/work/train in the downtown area with no visible signs of any disturbance, I am unsure as to what kind of trouble is being broadcast internationally.

The photos used to sensationalize the protests are actually from a single incident and the ongoing protests have been non-violent.

All in all, we've organized this event to ensure everyone has a great time competing and to enjoy this great city. We have confirmed all belt levels will be represented from white to black. And now our MMA exhibition matches have been filled so things are all on track.

I can only share what I see day to day but hope to see as many of you this coming September 27-28.



Jem said...

just want to reiterate what Luke said:

we live here and there is NO DANGER! life goes on as usual here. Sure there are political tensions and it's terrible in that sense, but please don't worry about coming here. This will be a great tournament and it's such a wonderful city. It would be a shame to miss it over such sensational reports that do not reflect the reality of life here at the present point in time :)

Anonymous said...

I've been traveling to Thailand since 1983 and governments come and go, seldom affecting the tourism industry. What Luke and jem said is true: the protests won't affect your visit or the tournament.

LUKE said...

Hey Guys,

Thank you for the added support on this. The country is politically split and with the recent actions of the current PM, the declaration of a state of emergency was simply irresponsible and self-serving in my opinion. While I am not directly effected, it has done considerable damage to the public image of Thailand and it's stability. I think Thailand already has enough of a reputation both good and bad, haha.