I wanted to address a few issues concerning the upcoming tournament here in Bangkok, Thailand (September 27-28).

I'm sure at some level you've heard of the political situation here in Thailand and I have received a couple of inquiries as to the state of things here. I can assure you it is very safe here in Bangkok. Being that I live in the downtown Sukhumvit area, I do not feel any threat to my safety and carry on as I normally would. With that said, the political situation is a serious one but incidences reported on the news are in very isolated areas and quite honestly have been sensationalized for better ratings. What I read in the paper and what I see everyday are very different things. Nevertheless, it is very sad to see a country split as it is now.

The location of the tournament has changed due to contractual problems and will be hosted at the FUTURE MART on Rama III road. The new location offers more amenities for you the competitor, such as:

1. large private room for competitors to rest/warm-up and leave their belongings in

2. 2nd floor terrace to view all 3 competition mats

3. full grocery store

4. spa on 2nd floor for Thai massage

5. small Japanese food festival stall


Because the new location does not have immediate access to the BTS or MRT, transportation will be provided for competitors to and from the
Golden Palace Hotel (Sukhumvit Soi 1) and Future Mart. This has been provided for all competitors, free of charge, by the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association of Thailand. You do not need to be a guest of the hotel to benefit from the free bus ride. The bus(s) are tentatively scheduled to leave at 8am and return at the end of the tournament day. In the case you are not in the area to catch a ride, we will also be sending out directions in English/Thai as a pdf file for you to print and use in Bangkok.

***UPDATE: By request, the average time it would take by taxi on the weekend from Golden Palace Hotel to Future Mart Rama III, is 30-40 minutes with an average cost of 70 baht.

If you haven't registerd yet, please do so at: www.thailandbjj.com


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. How far is a taxi ride to the new location from the Golden Palace Hotel? In minutes/Baht? See you there!

LUKE said...

That's a great question. Let me check on that and I'll update the post when ready. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The taxi ride costs about $2 U.S. SUPER.