***Please help by e-mailing me pics of the awards/trophy and team shots so I can post them. My computer for some reason f*#ked up when it was loading the photos and ate/erased the last 100 or so pics. I'm sorry guys, all the award photos + pictures of my own matches are now gone.***

It's about 7:30am, the second half of the tournament weekend with the no-gi and exhibition MMA matches to come. I'm a little more coherent than last night but also feeling a bit beat-up. I can see with each tournament I attend the level of competition is getting better and with more teams participating, it's made for quite an exciting day.

I took well over 800 photos and will be posting them after the tournamnet is done. Uploading them now to my computer. I'm sure today will be another 800, haha.

Thank you to everyone that attended last nights dinner and hopefully tonight we'll have a few beers to celebrate. -Luke


Caleb said...

Man, sorry to hear about the technical difficulties! I have been there, trust me!

LUKE said...

Thanks, it still hurts that I lost those pics, haha.

Nick said...

The lost pictures could probably have been retrieved with undelete software - as long as the memory wasn't overwritten with new pics.

LUKE said...

The memory card from my camera was wiped clean as each picture is loaded, then the computer lost those images as 'iphoto' crashed. If there's something I can do, please please tell me.

Nick said...

If your memory card hasn't been used again, then the pics should still be on that memory card, even though your computer, camera,... indicate that the memory card is empty. That's because when files are deleted, only the reference to the file is changed, noting that the place where the pics were is now free to use - but the pics are still there. If you use the memory card again, then new pictures will use memory again, thereby really replacing the old picture data with the new picture data. So what you need to do now is find some "undelete" software (i never needed it, so i have no personal experience on which specific undelete program would be the best) to bring your pictures back. Any writing now of new pictures (or other files) to that memory card or your computer harddisk will reduce your chances of recuperating those lost pictures. So if possible use a different memory card or a different harddisk/partition to make pics, copy files to,.. until u tried to recover the lost pics files. Ideally the problem should have happened after the 2nd day of the tournament, but as i understand it happened after the 1st day, so you will have used the memory card again for the second day...in that case your best bet might be your computer harddisk. Good luck anyway

Nick said...

just a few links to sites with (links to) free programs which recover deleted files. I can not vouch for these programs (never used any of them)- so up to u to choose and try one... By now it is probably too late because you have used your memory card again and have written to your harddisk after the incident, so don't expect anything.. But you might have some freak luck and recover some of the pics.