I totally own up to the fact that I'm a big BJJ-Geek and spend plenty of time on the net reading and checking things out. But I make up for it by spending just as much if not more on the mat, training every week. Ask my wife and she'll vouch for how much time training keeps me away from home. Anyways, let me get to my point.

I want to reference a blog that I visit regularly as a cool training resource. AESOPIAN'S TOTALLY AWESOME JOURNAL

In his most recent post, he brings up a great exericse in asking yourself some questions about your training to address some of the finer points of your game that may not be getting enough attention. Below I've lifted a short section but I encourage everyone to take a look. Like anything out there, taken it in, digest it and see if it's for you. This may not interest you but for me I'm already working on my list of questions, positions and options. -Luke

Try this:

Pick out a random question and give it serious thought. Be objective and honest with yourself. Write down your answer if you need to. Did you have any new ideas?

Pick a random thing to try. Follow the instructions as well as you can. Write notes on how it went. Did you learn anything new?

If you type up your answers to the questions or if you have an interesting experience trying one of the ideas, tell me about it here in the comments or by email.

Questions to Ask Yourself

How good is your hip movement on the bottom?

What part of your game needs the most work?

What position gives you the most trouble?


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