NO-GI (AUG 23, 2008)
The following day was another tough day of competition with a little less of the judo contingency present but still there nevertheless. The divisions were split to 'novice, advanced and elite' with larger weight brackets from under and over 74 kilos. This brought a greater mix of weight differences and games but all in all some cool match ups.

There were definite rematches from the previous day which turned some surprising results as the players got to formulate their game plans. Unfortunately I still fell to the infamous close-guard game of Harold in the final 'round-robin' for 74kg+. Even so, I felt I really got to express my jiu-jitsu at this tournament and when I was able to play my game, I did quite well. There was no easy match and being there by myself with everyone else coaching/cheering for your opponent, it can definitely eat at you, haha.

There was one judo-guy that really surprised me with his grappling. O
n the lighter end, he was a dominant figure in the gi but in the no-gi he posed just as much trouble. These are the kinds of guys that you want to recruit to your academy, borrow him for a few days from the judo team, hehe. If you catch him in the photos, he's skinny guy with green, long-sleeve shirt I think (description kinda sucks). Sorry I don't have his name.

Next up is the ELITE DIVISION

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