Feeling a little sore today from yesterday's gi competition but that's normal. Having a great time so far here in Taipei and today promises to be even better with the no-gi events + super-fights + Baret Yoshida seminar.

Too a lot of great pics as well so am looking forward to posting those when I get back home.



Nick said...

Luke, so glad you could come out to Taipei. We all really appreciate all the time and work you put in to supporting the jiujitsu community here. And the shirts are dope!

Demitri said...

ya Luke thanks a ton for the shirt. tight shit. i had to bounce for early work, but ill b sure to part hard wit u guys after ya comp.


LUKE said...

Hey Guys,

I had a great time and can't wait to host you guys here in Bangkok this September. Weekends like this make it so worth it. Awesome matches and good friends. Thanks again.