Posting his been a little inconsistent this week but I promise some new items are coming up. I have at least 1 interview and 1 article by a guest writer for you in the next day or so. I think a lot of you will appreciate this upcoming article as it's written by a female practitioner of BJJ and Muay Thai. Of the many blogs/journals that I routinely check online, more than a few are written by women which I think is a great thing. Just in the past year I've gotten to meet several ladies that are totally crazy for BJJ like all of us are and are even hungrier to compete than the boys.

Also, a big thanks to all the instructors who have volunteered their information to the site. It's great to know who's out there and I know there is even more. So please, if you're instructor is not on the site and they should be, send me their info on their behalf. I've already gotten some e-mails to help promote the brown-belt instructors that are out there so bring it on.

As for the tournament here in Bangkok, online registration is almost here. Be patient as it will be so kick-ass, haha.


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