Just thought I'd alert everyone to a couple of things here on the blog. I've added a new attachment to the right of the blog where you can subscribe to BJJ-ASIA. So whenever there is an update on the blog, you are made aware via e-mail or by some mail-group (google, yahoo, etc.).

Another item I'd like to put out there is if you're interested in receiving notices for upcoming competitions and events, then be a part of our mailing list. Just e-mail bjjasia@gmail.com with your full name, location and e-mail address. Please write 'mailing list' in the subject box of the message. The content that will be sent out would have attachments or material that is not easily shared through the blog. Of course it's all BJJ/Grappling/MMA related but just another avenue to get the info to you.


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Very Interesting!
Thank You!