Suzuki-san from BJJ Spirits w/ Naoya Uematsu @ Taiwan BJJ/Grappling Tournament 2008
(L to R) Aramaki, Taki, Uematsu, Suzuki

This past weekend I got my very own copy of the 4th edition of BJJ SPIRITS magazine. In this particular issue, there is an entire section on the Hong Kong BJJ scene + coverage of the Cope De Hong Kong 2 tournament. Preceding the black-belt super-fights there is a significant hilight reel of all us regular guys which makes it a real treat for those who competed. I see/hear a lot of familiar faces and voices on these clips, haha.

Besides that, there is a printed section of the Hong Kong scene, most of the teams that competed as well as the regular series of techniques and interviews of the BJJ celebs we all know. It's definitely a great production and resource for BJJ, regardless if you can read Japanese or not. If you haven't already, get yourself a copy or snag someone else's.

Thanks to Suzuki-san and the boys at Kowloon BJJ.


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