This will be the first product endorsement on the BJJ-ASIA but prob not the last.

A Japanese publication called BJJ-Spirits is releasing it's 4th edition with bonus DVD. This particular issue will contain a report, black-belt superfights and best-moves from the recent Cope De Hong Kong 2 tournament. So for those who didn't make it or those that want to see if their submission made it to the cut, get your copy. So far the easiest source would be Amazon JP.

Each issue is a collection of interviews, reports, tutorials on BJJ/Grappling but of course, it's all in Japanese. The people featured range from Japanese BJJ/Grappling/MMA celebs to the Brazilian and American names we've come to recognize in the sport. If anything, it sh
ows that the scene in Southeast Asia is growing with definite recognition outside the area.

Other articles contain :

- Dai Yoshioka and Yusuke Honna (Silver Medalists of Mundial 2008)

- Leo Viera
- Ramon Lemos
- Ricard De La Riva
- Makoto Aramaki

- Serdio Moraes : The man who stopped Kron's 53rd victory
- Celso Vinicius : The king of Levey

- Dai Yoshioka and Yusuke Honna : Mundial, finalist's interview
- Robert Drysdale : Inside ADCC Champion

- Leo Viera : Learning from mistakes

- Ricard De La Riva : Past Jiujitsu and future Jiujitsu by De La Riva

- Eduardo Telles : The Turtle Guard Master, Talks about present BJJ rules

- Makoto Aramaki : New Departure of Japanese Black Belt

- Marcos Barbosa : JJFJ official rule director interview.

Special Winning competitions. Learning Half Guard Introduction of BJJ clubs in HK and much more...
We'd like to extend a special thanks to Mr. Akira Susu, who came to report and compete on the event from Japan on behalf of BJJ-Spirits.

Akira Susu

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