Steve Cotter is visiting KDT Academy this coming 16 & 17th August and we will be conducting special training courses. This will be an internet-based announcement only.

Dynamic Mobility - half day

This 3 hour class introduces the comprehensive system of joint mobility, which is the movement of all the joint structures of the body through all possible range of motion. Ideal as a tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation, joint mobility can also serve as a challenging, full-body training system and cardio vascual conditioning program. Best of all, joint mobility leaves you feeling subtle and healthy.

Double Kettlebell Power Exercises - half day

Kettlebells are famous as a tool for Strength-Endurance and mutant-like Work Capacity. However, kettlebell training can also be a highly accessible, practical and effective system for athletic power development. Less technical than Olympic lifting, the Double Kettlebell Power exercises

Martial Art of Strength Training - half day

Strength-Power-Endurance, Resiliency and Physical and Mental Toughness. These are qualities associated with martial artists. Now, you don't have to be a martial artists to develop the same kind of physical abilities. If you are a martial artist, you owe it to yourself to supercharge your current level with the high-level fitness that kettlebell training provides. This course teaches you how to blend fundamental martial arts drills and skills with the simple added resistance from kettlebells to provide the ultimate in mind-body-spirit training.

Cost: The 1/2 day courses (3~4 hrs) each : USD $200.00

Certification Courses: (advanced booking required and 6 candidates attendance)
IKFF-CKT Level 1: USD $1,000.00
IKFF-FMD Level 2 : USD $1,000.00 (pre-requisite: CKT Level 1)

The IKFF certification courses are 2 days long and require a minimum of 6 candidates. It is unlikely that there will be candidates for this visit but we hope this gives you an idea on the costs involved. Please check with us about taking a prep course or regular kettlebell training.

Personal Training with Steve Cotter
Mr. Cotter is available for personal training also at US$150 per hour. Learn from the best and have the teacher's teacher show you better technique for safer, more effective training for health, strength and more!

How to reserve your place:

1. Email me your name, contact number and phone
2. I require the fee for the course(s) you are interested in to the pre-paid.
3. The most attended course(s) of minimum 6 participants or more will be conducted.
4. Any fees paid for courses not meeting the required number of participants will be refunded.

Please email your interest to me as soon as possible. Once your place has been booked there are no cancellations. All fees paid will be forfeited in the event of same day cancellations/no shows.

Vince Choo

CMD Performance Coach
Fizfit Workout Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Kettlebell Trainer

Tel: 012 202 6111

More about our wellness programs and services: www.kdta.com


Anonymous said...

sorry.theres a kdta academy in singapore?does it have any bjj class?

LUKE said...

That's my mistake. KDTA have done training retreats in Singapore but unless otherwise stated, I believe the Steve Cotter event is in Malaysia. Sorry about that. -Luke