NAME: Stephen Roberto
INSTRUCTOR: Enson Inoue/Lloyd Irvin/Mike Fowler

SCHOOL IN SEA: Team Purebred/Lloyd Irvin BJJ Academy Guam

WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/purebredjiujitsu

CONTACT INFO: purebred_guam@hotmail.com

HOMETOWN: Hagatna, Guam

2nd hvwt all japan bjjfj 2006

2nd abso all japan bjjfj 2006

2nd hvwt all japan bjjfj 2007

1st hvwt 1st pan asia no gi

1st abso 1st pan asia no gi

Started BJJ in 1996 under Gracie Barra Black-Belt Dan O'Connor in Guam. Trained with Ralph Gracie from 1997-1998. Started training with Enson Inoue from 1998 to present. Consistent training in Guam and Japan with Tetsuji Kato, Baret Yoshida and Melchor Manibusan. Started training with Mike Fowler in early 2007 and received the black-belt in 2008. 4-1 MMA record. Interested in training in Guam? Please contact me. There is nothing a good day of grappling cant cure!

TIMEOF STAY: permanent resident of Guam

SPONSORS: Fokai Ind., DNA Inc., The Buzz Cafe

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your black belt (it's not to late to congratulate, right?)!

It's always great to see people stick with it, make it, and share it.