OK, I just got back to town and will be heading out again tomorrow afternoon for another biz trip. Don't feel sorry for me, I am not suffering any hardships, it's just part of my job. The only thing I miss is regular training. So here is the final final final layout of the team logos. There was a last minute entry and since my computer crashed at home, I didn't get them out as I had planned before this weekend. The files are going out today and the shirts will materialize shortly thereafter.

I know there have been some concerns with pricing but if you write me an e-mail, we may be able to figure out how to beat the shipping issue and quantity-discount. I will most likely be competing at the tournament in Taipei this August and of course at our own tournament here in Bangkok September 27-28. If I do not make it to Manila this December, I know that at least one or two of my teammates will be there. I will bring shirts to these events for sale but if you are looking to purchase on behalf of your team, please let me know in advance so that I bring enough.

My aim is to get these shirts on your backs.


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