OK, so it's been a long time coming and with my recent travel schedule I've not been able to put everything together. I really appreciate everybodys participation and I promise I've done all I can to reach out to everyone. So if your team is not represented it will have to wait till the next project. But kudos to all of you who did participate. It's all in alphabetical order unless I've become dyslexic without my knowing. I'm open to comments or suggestions but outside of any major changes, this is more or less it. I plan to send these out to the printers by Friday afternoon.

As of now, the I believe the shirts will cost $18 USD per. If you buy them as a team with orders of 25+, there will be a discount. The final price for each order will also include shipping so that will depend on where you're ordering from.

Payment can be made to paypal (http://www.paypal.com/) account to this address: smultron_sato@hotmail.com

Thanks, Luke

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