MMA PHUKET: the new vacation destination for BJJ Players and MMA training camps

Tiger Muay Thai has expanded their facility to include an imported MMA Cage from the United States, and an additional 30 meters of rolling space. Located in Phuket Thailand, many of the regions top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighters have been traveling to this modern training facility to prepare for their upcoming competitions. Tiger Muay Thai would like to introduce everyone in the region to some of its new guest.

Maryanne Mullahy is a purple belt under John Will and Rigan Machado some of her career highlights include;

*2007 Mundial Women’s Blue Belt Champion
*2008 Mundial Women’s Purple Belt Silver Medalist
*2007 ADCC Australian Qualifier

-Maryanne is available to instruct private BJJ lessons for any possible females interested in training with one of the world’s top female BJJ
players. She is expected to stay 5 weeks at MMA Phuket.

Brandon Nunley is a brown belt under former UFC champion Rico Rodriquez. Brandon also has an extensive background in Judo (12 years, brown belt from prof. Yamaza) as well as boxing (2005 USA Army Hawaiian Super Heavy Boxing champion). Brandon is a giant on the mat, standing 6 foot 6 and stepping on the scales at over 280lbs. He is a great training partner for any of the heavier BJJ players in the region. Brandon is available for both BJJ and JUDO privates. He is expected to stay at least 6 months at MMA Phuket.

Adam Santi began his BJJ training in Phoenix Arizona under the famed Megaton Dias in the late 90’s. After spending two years in Brazil training at Gracie Humaita, he was awarded his brown belt from Royler Gracie. Adam has spent the last two years living in the Philippines, and has rededicated himself to competing in BJJ. Adam specializes in the Gi and is available for private lessons. He is expected to stay at least 8 months at MMA Phuket.

Tony Eduardo is a 2005 ADCC Brazilian Trials Champion. He is a BJJ Black Belt under Rilion Gracie. Professor Eduardo won a Bronze medal at the 2007 NoGi Mundials, Black Belt division. After spending some time instructing at Shanghai BJJ, Prof. Eduardo is expected to stay at least 8 weeks training at MMA Phuket. He is available for both Gi and Nogi private training lessons. Keep an eye out for an announcement on a FREE GRAPPLING seminar presented by Professor Eduardo.

Alan Belcher is a 7x UFC veteran. He will be using MMA Phuket as his official training camp as he prepares for a Sept. 16th, UFC fight against Team Quest fighter Ed Herman. Belcher’s fight will be shown on a free Spike TV broadcast. He is a striking expert, with a professional MMA record of 12-5. Belcher will be staying at MMA Phuket for 5 weeks. Keep an eye out for an announcement on a FREE MMA seminar presented by Belcher.

For Updates on the FREE SEMINARS check www.mmaphuket.com frequently.

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