MMA Phuket promotes amateur 4 man under 84 kilos MMA tournament!

With Special guest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Cristiano Jose Carvalho from Singapore in Attendance, Tiger Muay Thai hosted Phuket Island’s first ever amateur MMA tournament this past weekend. Fighters wore shin pads and 8oz "shooto style" gloves. No knees to the head when the opponent is standing or on the ground. Knees are permitted only to the body from the standing position. No upkicks, or down kicks from both combatants when a fighter is on his back. And no leg submissions. This tournament featured 2 rounds of 3 minute duration.

Opening Round 1.
Mike Hutchison Vs. Jason Saggo- many of the BJJ competitors in the region are familiar with both of these combatants. Former Canadian Collegiate wrestler (Mcmaster’s University) Hutch recently won a gold medal at the Lordz of Pain (Singapore) and Pan Asian Grappling games (Manila). Jason is a Marcus Soares Blue Belt who recently submitted all 10 opponents he faced at the Pan Asian Grappling games (Gi and Nogi combined).

Opening Round 2.
Andreas Hesselback Vs Charles Cosens- Andreas Hesselback is a SEA Grappling games silver medalist and 2-1 in pro MMA. Charles Cosens is a King Of The Cage Pay Per View Veteran with a 2-1 professional MMA record. He is also a 2x Great Lakes Submission Tournament Gold Medalist.

Tournament Finals-
Having both won previous fights earlier in the night Jason Saggo and Andreas Hesselback make it to the tournament finals. Crowd Applause decided the eventual tournament winner, giving Jason Saggo the very close victory decision.

MMA Phuket will be hosting monthly amateur smoker events. Participants can compete in Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA fights, and the rules can be catered to different skill levels, encouraging all to participate. The smoker fights will be organized in conjunction with a group BBQ, including all you can eat food.

Participants interested in fighting in
an upcoming smoker event please email: Magicalray@aol.com


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Ben said...

Good stuff, thanks for posting.

One question: Is the ref also coaching one of the fighters in the second vid?

Overall I think he stood them up a little too much, but understand that it was probably for entertainment purposes of the crowd, which is fine...

But standing someone up who is stuck in a front headlock/ anaconda? Hmmmhh... :-)