NAME: Makoto Aramaki
Toshiyuki Wado (student of Leozinho Vieira)
Academia Az (JP)
Hong Kong Jiu Jitsu (HK)
Academia Az, HKJJ

ALL Japan Championship: 1st Place x 2times, 2nd Place x 3times Pan-Am 3rd Place (Brown Belt) Mundial 3rd Place (Brown Belt) Copa HK No-Gi Division Champion Pro-Bjj 2wins-1Loss

My instructor: Toshiyuki Wado (student of Leozinho Vieira)

I started BJJ in 1999 when I was 19.
I have been training and enjoying this wonderful sport ever since.

In 2004, I became a fire fighter and worked for 2 years.
The reason I quit my job as a fireman was because I wanted to test
myself and focus more on my BJJ career.
In 2006, I entered both Mudial and Pan-Am.
Lost to Jeff Glover by 1 advantage at the Pan-Am.

He was a great fighter and I would like to have a rematch with him

Same year after that, I spent 2 months training at Brasa in Rio.
Then I met Lee san who is the founder of Brasa Korea.

Same year in 2006, I first time visited Hong Kong and spent 1 month
teach at KLNBJJ.
It was a really special academy to me and I have met a lot of
wonderful people in Hong Kong.

About 1 year ago, my friend Brad KU asked me if I was interested in
starting my own academy in Hong Kong,
and that was why I have made up my mind to move to Hong Kong to teach
BJJ as a profession.
Now, I am not only a full time instructor at KLNBJJ, but also the
owner and manager.

I moved to HK at the end of June, and from August, there will be new
system and new classes at KLNBJJ.
2 classes in the evening and Saturdays, too.
I hope everyone will be happy with the content of the class and come
to train more frequently.

KLNBJJ's new Homepage is now under construction, and it will be ready
very soon. My friend who is a designer and also the owner of Academia-Az in
Japan is helping me with the new HP and
it's going to be a really cool one.

it was really nice meeting you and do come back to Hong Kong soon.

Makoto Aramaki

translated by: Brad Ku

***Aramaki-san has now parted ways with Kowloon BJJ but continues to teach in Hong Kong.

TIME OF STAY: permanent
SPONSORS: Bull Terrier: www.b-j-j.com
(seeking further sponsorship)

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