I now feel settled back into things with work and training. I'm not too sore but I am feeling the weight I've packed on over the last month or so of being on the road. It's the price I pay for loving food a bit too much and living in Bangkok doesn't help. Another bonus of living in Bangkok is that we are always hosting out-of-town guests that come for a multiple of reasons. Most recently Prof. Santos stopped by while on vacation from the Emirates on his way to Brazil. A real pleasure to have him visit our class.

A few things I would like to bring up on the blog to keep people in the know. I've made some changes as far as the sourcing for t-shirt production so prices should come down from what I had originally quoted. I won't give the price just yet cause I think I've spoken too early and don't want to confuse people more than I already have. I am working towards having them ready by mid-August. Cross my fingers. I have a lot of t-shirt ideas that relate to BJJ/MMA/Muay Thai but those will come out slowly. Besides wanting to promote the scene, my goal is to raise enough money to build a full website for BJJ-ASIA. Right now it's just me at the helm but ultimately I'd like all of you to have more direct involvement with the content of the site. Especially with the calendar as I see more and more need for real-time input. When that happens, I can then say that the site truly reflects the community.

Still trying to get in touch with all the black-belts that I know are out there. Thank you to those who've already taken part. Spread the word! Help promote your coach/instructor and school!

This coming weekend we have the
JAVA SUBMISSION CHAMPIONSHIP 2008 on July 26 at the Kridosono Sports Hall in Jogjakarta. Always an intense and action packed event and best of luck to all the competitors.

The FBT THAILAND BJJ/GRAPPLING OPEN is calling for all female competitors. In addition to the men's adult divisions, we've added women + juniors divisions as well. I have received a number of e-mails with interest in both the female and juniors category. Show your support, get involved and compete! Come out and have a great time, let's make this event a fun one to be a part of. Win or lose, see for yourself what it's like to compete and have a great time doing it.


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