AUGUST 24, 2008

Mixed Martial Arts action hits Nasik city as a new series of MMA shows begins with event no # 1 on 24th august at Raje Sambhaji Stadium.Being entitled "Deadly Impact" , the first show features an all star fightcard with 12 of the best fighters representing every region of India will square off one on one against each other with the most common set of martial arts rules … MMA rules.

Speaking to the press chief event co-ordinator and promoter Mr Atul Bhalerao said "MMA is famous worldwide and in the US and Japan it literally has a cult following , superceding even the mainstream sport of boxing in spectator statistics.We too have many talented MMA athletes and Deadly Impact has been promoted with the motive of providing these top athletes with the fight / job opportunities that they wouldn't receive anywhere else in India since for these fighters , slugging it out in the ring is just another day at the office".

Director of Action Entertainment Milind Shirsath says "Nasik has to gear up for some top-knotch fight action as these shows are going to keep spectators absolutely on the edge of their seats.In all there will be 6 bouts , 1 bout with kickboxing rules and 5 bouts with MMA rules."

Bout no # 1 [kickboxing rules] will feature 70 kgs Sunil Khakalari of Nagaland against Sumit Tickoo of New Delhi.Sunil is a veteran fighter and in 2005 fought against a british fighter for the WKL world kickboxing title.Sumit is the student of edgar noordanus , himself a kickboxing veteran who has been featured on numerous tv shows nationwide.

Bout no # 2 Abhijeet Petkar of Mumbai faces Javed Mulla of Sangli in the 85kg MMA rules fight , Javed gave Abhijeet a tough time in their first bout a few months ago and both fighters want to prove a point in this highly anticipated re-match.In November 2007 Abhijeet represented India at the World Muay Thai Title fight in dar-es-salaam Tanzania.

Bout no # 3 Shafiq-ur-rehman of Mumbai , 68 kgs undefeated MMA champion since 2004 takes on his next challenger Binod Sharma , who is a nationally ranked judo player.

Bout no # 4, 85 kgs Bhupesh Kamble , fitness trainer of the stars , from Mumbai faces Sreejith from Calicut Kerela , a state champion in wrestling and boxing.

Bout no # 5, the co-main event is an all star international bout as 75 kgs Martin Hensch from the USA will take on Iranian wrestling star Mohammed Mariwani."We are sure that this bout will have all the international attention , atleast from Bush and Ahmedinajad" said Mukesh Sonowane , media co-ordinator and director of Action entertainment.

Bout no # 6 , the highly anticipated main event fight will be between Iran Daido Juku champion Alireza Khoshlesan against hometown hero , veteran mma fighter , international star and teacher at Wisdom High , Alan Fenandes.

Deadly Impact MMA is an event created to accommodate combat atheletes from all the various fighting disciplines , karate , judo , kickboxing , boxing , wrestling and jiu-jitsu , the only platform where you can witness WWE type action accompanied with all the top production of hype , special effects and fireworks , the only difference being that the WWE is choreographed fighting whereas MMA is real fighting.

Action entertainment welcomes all Nasik fight fans to come and be a part of this pioneering show which begins at 5pm on 24th August.

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