Training has been a little irregular and I have been missing the warm-ups due to work and freakin' Bangkok-traffic. Hopefully in time things will improve but doing the best I can under the circumstances. Recently I've been thinking about the ups and downs of training over the past four years since starting BJJ. Nothing is ever that consistent unless your life is solely dedicated to jiu-jitsu and your body never tires. There have been times that I've been able to train 6 times a week but on average I think 3 is the key number. Less than that and it's even more of an uphill battle, haha. There's just never enough time in the day to get everything done and too many things to get involved with. Sometimes I envy the guys that are getting into the sport while in college or younger but ultimately I believe I came to BJJ at the right time in my life. Just trying to keep focused and positive because as I get older, the time I have for myself and for others becomes more precious.

Just be sure to enjoy every bit of it. Nothing new there.



Anonymous said...

3 group classes with group rolling is definitely the "sweet spot." More than that and I start getting worn down instead of built up.

But private lessons are a good way to supplement the chaos of "anything goes" training at group classes. I do 3 group classes and 2-3 private lessons a week. Plus an open mat, which is kinder, gentler than aggro class rolling.

Right now for my gi private lessons, I have a superb instructor who pushes me to my limits, has my heart pounding, but never spazzes and hurts me, never ends up in "death grip clinch fights", those isometric battles that tear down our joints and muscles.

Find the right groove and you can train more. Just think outside the "group class" box.

And remember you get those 300-500 baht two hour Thai massages ($10-$15 for US readers) on a regular basis. We'd be in the poor house if we tried that in the States. Plus Thai massage is very therapeutic - I think it was invented to get farmers back in the fields and fighters back on their feet (office workers don't NEED massage, imho). A friend called it "yoga for lazy people" since they stretch you a lot too.

Keep up the good work Luke. Quaff a beer for me at Soi Cowboy and remember "life is good."

radamez said...

Glad to hear peoples stories on their bjj journey's.
A good way to be able to train and keep on training as much much as you want it to take on some good supplements. Some good ones are a multivitamin,fishoil, flaxseed, and of course a protein and dont forget a good nights rest 7+ hours. You'll be amazed at how good your body feels from day to day.
Currently i do 5 bjj classes a week, 3 judo, and 5 days of gym workouts. so wednesday (active rest) and sunday is completely off for me. seems like alot but i gotta do it while im young.
Happy training boys, hope to hear more of you guys stories.

LUKE said...

Damn, you guys are hardcore, hahaha. Kudos to the both of you. I agree, everything has its time so enjoy every bit of it. Thanks for sharing guys. -Luke