I thought I'd make a short announcement on a modest space that I've opened here in Bangkok, Thailand. We have a weekly open-mat session every Saturday morning from 11am-1pm. I say modest because it's just enough room for 2-3 pairs to roll at a given time. If you're interested in taking privates with one of the resident instructors (EMAC or BFC), the space is available but notice needs to be given to me first. Because we don't offer any formal instruction at this point we just offer a space to train/drill/learn. Everyone is welcome regardless of school or rank, just give us a heads up if you're from out of town. There are 3 gate-keepers besides myself so when I am away on business there should be someone to open shop.

I imagine a lot of academies out there started like this, a group of friends wanting to push each to improve and expand their skills in jiu-jitsu. We hope to take root in a similar fashion to promote the sport that we love.



Out-of-town guests, please contact e-mail below prior to arrival.
CONTACT: bjjasia@gmail.com



By training at Bangkok BJJ, you accept the responsibility that BJJ/martial arts is a contact sport and the establishment and it's partners are not liable for any injury caused.

Because there is no formal instruction we do not recommend complete beginners to attend and would suggest contacting one of the established schools in the Bangkok area. But if you're so inclined, you can come, hehe.

This is not a social-club so be sure you come to train and give respect to those who have taken time out of their weekend to do so. Thanks


2Old said...

I sure hope you keep the new location close to the old location. I look forward to training with you the next time I am in BK. Having a midday class is about the only way I can make it, given the jet lag factor coming from California.

LUKE said...


The new location will be directly above the present one. We are building atop the 2nd floor of the Golden Palace Hotel. The designs are all done, just waiting on some funding and contractual issues before construction can get underway. In the meantime, the open-mat space will continue to be open and I'm sure we'll expand our program over time. Thanks, Luke

2Old said...

Give us some news and post some pix as construction proceeds.

Ah, Shangrila...

Hotel near Nana & Cowboy, hotel with cafe and massage...

and air con jiu jitsu!

It doesn't get any better than that.